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Static Websites

Low cost, lightweight websites with 100% uptime, free HTTPS, huge bandwidth and many more features. Best suited for Portfolios, NGOs, Homestays,etc

Whatsapp Stickers

Get your Stickers published on Google Play Store

Instagram Effects

Custom Instagram AR Effects to promote your brand on Instagram

OK Google

Interactive Bots on Google's Assistant Platform. Accessible using OK Google

Progressive Web Apps

Apps that are capable, reliable and installable on every platform.

Static Websites


Low Cost

Static Websites are very cost friendly. No Monthly / Annual recurring charges


Static Websites are by design extremely secure. We also provide certified HTTPS with every website


Website appearance dynamically adjusts to every screen size and orientation


We prefer to design websites ourself, but also support using exisiting designs from sites like HTML5UP.net or Templated.co


All the websites have complete SEO Configuration which includes social media sites like Facebook Sharing, Twitter Cards and search engines such as Google and DuckDuckGo

Progressive Web App

Static Websites can be developed as a Progressive Web App, which behave like native apps on all platforms. They can also be published to different app stores.

Our Work - Progressive Web Apps

Our Work - Static Websites

Our Team

Haider Ali Punjabi

Haider Ali Punjabi