What we do?


  • Provide cost-efficient and reliable digital services
  • Contribute to FOSS Community
  • Manage Social Media Pages


  • Static Websites

    Websites with 100% uptime, free HTTPS, and many more features

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  • Whatsapp Sticker Android Apps

    Whatsapp Sticker Apps, hosted on Play Store

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Android Apps

  • Tweet2Pic

    Share Tweets in form of Images

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  • The Great RGB Color Game

    A basic implementation of RGB Color Game for #NotAFancyAppChallenge

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  • Kashmiri Stickers - WAStickerApp

    Collection of Kashmiri Sayings, in the form of WhatsApp Stickers

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Online Web Apps

Open Source

We constantly contribute to the Free & Open Source Software Community

  • polybar-kdeconnect

    KDEConnect Module for Polybar

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  • polybar-browsermediacontrol

    Polybar Module to control media playing in browser

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  • DBS Scouter Font

    Scouter Language Font as seen in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

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Social Media Pages

  • Ghurar Al-Hikam

    Random Quotes from Ghurar al-Hikam wa Durar al-Kalim

  • Kashur Lugat

    Random Words with meaning, from Kashmiri Language

  • Material Quote

    Random Quotes, posted as images with Material Design

Actions on Google

  • Pearls of Speech

    Random Quotes from Ghurar al-Hikam wa Durar al-Kalim

    Ask your assistant:Talk to Pearls of Speech
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